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benefits of using our math flashcards:

  • Supports Parents & Autonomous Learning (explanations on the back of cards!)

  • Alignment with Next Generation Learning Standards

  • Build Communication Skills & Positive Peer Interactions

  • Build Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary 

  • Build Procedural Fluency & Conceptual Understanding 

  • Become Less Susceptible to Common Errors


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Some of the organizations we have worked with:

I.S.10 (Queens, NY)                                      VOICE Charter School (Queens, NY)                                      Claremont International H.S. (Bronx, NY)


I.S. 208 (Queens, NY)                                   Tutoring Solutions (Westchester, NY)                                      Bronx Arts Charter School (Bronx, NY)

I.S. 268 (Queens, NY)                                   Boys Prep Charter School (Bronx, NY)                                    I.S. 109 (Queens, NY)

I.S. 125 (Queens, NY)                                   Mott Hall Charter School (Bronx, NY)                                     I.S. 190 (Queens, NY)

Courtside Math is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) in New York State created by Marija Kero. Marija holds a Master's degree in Mathematics & Adolescent Education and a NYS Professional Certificate for Mathematics 7 - 12. She has 14 years of experience in the NYC school system, raising standardized exam scores and bringing joy to math classrooms . In addition to her experience as an Algebra teacher, Marija has also held the title of Math Coach, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, and Assistant Principal. She has received several accolades during her time as an educator, including the Blackboard Award for Excellence in Education and the Bronx Educational Leadership Award. Ms.Kero is  committed to helping teachers provide a high quality education and standards-aligned, thoughtfully-designed educational resources to students.


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